Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a great day...

I just returned from a quick trip to my local Borders bookstore, and I have to tell you -- I'm feeling pretty good :-)

The trip was prompted by a request from a woman who read the review of THE BELLY DANCER in Orange Coast magazine. She tracked me down to ask if I would please autograph a book because she thought it would make the perfect birthday gift for her sister.

That right there was enough to make my day.

But it gets even better.

I arrived a little early (I'm learning to build in lots of wiggle room when I have to go anywhere with my darling 8-week-old daughter) and while I was waiting I asked a handy Borders representative, who turned out to be the supervisor, if I could sign the copies they had in stock (all of which were nicely set out in a corner spot on the New Paperback Fiction table -- yay!). Not only did she oblige, she kindly tracked down the "local author" stickers for me and offered to run a quick check on her computer to see how the book was faring company wide. It was doing quite well, she assured me (another yay!),

But then she did something that endeared her and the store to me forever. She said she was going to push my book to customers because "we have to support our local authors, don't we?" How amazing is that? She could've just nodded when I asked about signing stock and gone on about her business, but she didn't. She took time to talk to me and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know about me and my book. It's the kind of interaction you're just never going to have with an online retailer.


bloglily said...

Bookstore workers are THE BEST! And I'm so glad to hear your book's doing well. xo

Gayle Carline said...

How great is that?!?!


DeAnna Cameron said...

Hi, Bloglily & Gayle!
Yes, booksellers *are* the best. I was so thrilled to have the support of the great ladies down at Laguna Beach Books when they featured THE BELLY DANCER in their online newsletter a few weeks back and agreed to facilitate the book sales at my upcoming book release party. And now this... I really owe them all so much :-)